Experimental Form

Redwood Artifact

Role: Product Designer
Fall '19

Redwood Artifact

An object carved out of redwood that invites the viewer to touch, hold, and explore it in their hands.


What is redwood? Why were they widely used before, and are now under strict protection? Learning about the material is a fundamental step in creating desirable objects that compliment the nature of the material.

Foam Models

The sketches provided a rough guideline as to what my 3D model would look like. Using foam, I was able to explore the model in tangible, 3D perspective which gave me new insight. I mixed in curves with complex cuts, as I tried to convey the rapid speed at which redwood trees grow.

The following three models show the direction I was heading for my final model. I wanted to use the grain of the wood to my advantage, using smooth curves to create a subtle twist. The sharper creases of the edges would dictate the general direction of the form, and the rest of the surface would smoothly flow along the boundaries of the creases.