Design in Transition

I serve as the Audio Podcast Producer/Coordinator. I'm responsible for editing, refining, uploading and promoting every episode of the podcast. We launched our first season in September of 2020, and we are now in production for Season 2.

2019 - 2020

Design Podcast

Design in Transition is a podcast about designing for systems level change toward more sustainable and equitable futures. It is also a space to talk about the transitions design is taking in practice when it’s concerned with the complex and interconnected challenges societies face today.


After compiling all the audio files from individual recordings, I load them on Adobe Audition, and proceed to edit the tracks, add the intro/outro, normalize the volume and improve the overall quality with individual equalizer, noise reduction and the Limiter.

Completed episodes are uploaded, and teaser videos are made from short clips of the full episode. Subtitles are added based off the transcript.